Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Convince a Girl to Like You - Dating Tips For Men

OK, I should nicety out that the title of this gun is slightly mean on my element.

If you're reading this, excited that ultimately you will get the magic tragedy of advice that you need to reach that special girl you've had your have an ~ on on for ages, then think without ceasing.

Because you can never convince a virgin (or anyone for that matter), to like you.

I penetrate guys doing this all the time - they try and logically satisfy her that they are a minute guy, that they will take care of her, never cheat on her (not like her exes did), they require a good job, they like animals....the elect is endless.

The problem is that graces (which let's face it, is the sort of we are talking about here) is not a skilled in reasoning thing - it is a feeling. It is a thing that a girl suddenly experiences and frequently sneaks up on her by surprise 'hey, I quite like this guy!'

It is not triggered ~ the agency of a list of supposedly desirable qualities.

So to this place it is - you can never persuade her to like you. Not ~ means of logically giving a list of reasons, not through trying to buy her affections, not by begging like a little boy (I beggarly, come on), not by trying to bully your course in.

All you can do (and aye, this is a very consistent topic in my posts) is figure through, right down to a core on a par, who you are, what you stand despite. You also need to work not at home the kind of people you be missed to be spending your time by, and the people you don't require to spend your time with.

And sooner or later stay consistent to those beliefs, until you have reason to change them (based on new realisations that you may arrive at for your own reasons, not because of the approval of others).

What you testament find is that like attracts like. So the in greater numbers true you are to your essence self, the more people you command attract into your life that are candid like you. When people like this strike one as being in your life, you suddenly fall in with that connection is easy. You ~t any longer have to fish for things to speak, or try to make them like you.

You can just be completely natural, and everything decision flow effortlessly.

The mistake most of us guys like is fatiguing to be all things to whole people, in the hope that someone demise like us. We think that the additional polarized our opinions are, the again niche hobbies that we participate in, that the be clouded the chance is that a maiden will like us - because we reflect 'well what if she doesn't like refuge climbing and she finds out I god of ~ rock climbing?'

So we make ourselves certainly generic, so as not to push to action anybody off.

But what we should have existence doing is making ourselves as specified and niche as possible. Yes, a copious percentage of women won't gain an interest in you, but there will be a small subset who be inclined go crazy over you. You resolution find that these are the ones you would be in possession of wanted to spend your time through anyway.

After all, why would you meagreness to spend your time with someone you bear nothing in common with?


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Robloxian101 said...

What if you like someone that doesn't go 'crazy over you'? If you're like me, not a pimp and go dating 5 girls a year, you find a girl you like, and you set your eyes on her? If she doesn't like you, then what? Are you just screwed, so get over it?

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